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Scheduled work day at Sunlight Peak. Chuck (N0NHJ), Kevin (KD0MA0, Eric (K0JEG), Fred (K0VK) and Bob (K9MWM) hit the road about 8 am Saturday morning. The goals were to install a new transmit antenna for the 146.88 repeater, lower the ELT receiver antenna to a new location, install new hard line,  install a GPS antenna for the 10 MHz standard oscillator, and install the new MTR-2000 Motorola repeater and TPL amplifier. Chuck actually installed the repeater and amp earlier last week and hauled up the new antenna on Phil's (N0KE) boat trailer. Sorry no pictures of that!

All goals were met and we are now transmitting on the old repeater with the new antenna. The top antenna is still the receive antenna. We will run this configuration for ten days or so and then power up the new repeater and amp. Thanks to all who helped!  73 Bob - K9MWM

Sunlight tower before changes

New Motorola MTR-2000 (we have another for backup) + TPL Amplifier

Ground team Eric and Fred raising new Innoviations Antenna (20’ long)

Eric and Chuck feed new hardline through Poly Phasor on wall for lightning protection

Chuck and Kevin installing antenna on tower bracket

GPS antenna installed by Eric just above the ice shield

New ELT location on tower

New tower view after instillation

Left Deck: Vertical 450 linking system

Right Deck: Vertical new transmit antenna for 146.88 MHz

Top Blue Vertical: Current receive antenna for 146.28 MHz

GPS used to increase the accuracy of the 10 MHz oscillator in our repeater

Antenna pass through inside the communications building

Fred heading down the mountain!

FIELD DAY (JUNE 27-29, 2014)

Dan (K0DSC), Gerry (N6HUQ), Brent (KD0WAK) and Betty (KD0YD) work on the antenna

Dan (K0DSC), Gerry (N6HUQ, Brent (KD0WAK) and Betty (KD0YD) work on the antenna

Liam (KDOHDF) and Bill (KD0VOZ) install solar panels

Liam (KD0HDF) and Ken (KB0HP) with Liam's solar panels. The phone station was powered by these panels non-stop for field day

Solar batteries

Chuck (N0NHJ) and Lance (KC0SBV)

Gary (AB0TI) and Bryan (N0THY)

Gary (AB0TI) and Ken (KB0HP)

Gerry (N6HUQ) and Bob (KD0VOZ)

 Lori (KD0ALO)

Kris (KD0WAI upgraded to General at Field Day) with VEs Phil (N0KE), Bob (K9MWM) and Bryan (NOTHY)