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     The Ski Country Amateur Radio Club (SCARC) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) Colorado Corporation, based in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. We cover a large portion of western Colorado, including Garfield, Pitkin, and Eagle counties.
     We consist of people of all ages who are interested in ham radio. Most are already ham operators; we welcome and provide testing for those who are not.

                    SCHEDULE OF EVENTS


Time: 8:30 p.m. local time

Frequencies: Check in on 146.88, 146.67 or 447.1 (click here for offset and PL details). Also linked to Echolink via N0SWE-R (#243117)/ IRLP (#7287). The net covers a great portion of the Western Slope of Colorado utilizing the SCARC's repeater system and the Grand Mesa Repeater Association's repeater system.

Content: The net consists of announcements, general check in, and all those checking in are given an opportunity to speak to the net. Visiting stations are welcome and all Amateurs are encouraged to participate.


Every Tuesday morning Hams gather at the Glenwood Springs Village Inn (102 West 6th Street) for an informal breakfast and conversation. We meet at about 8:00 am and usually have 10-15 hams attending - just look for the group having lots of fun!

MARCH 10 and April 14 (Saturdays)  SCARC Meeting

Meet from 10:00 am to about 1:00 pm. at the U.S. Bank in Glenwood Springs at 802 Grand Avenue (next to Safeway) in the Community Room. VE FCC Testing. Visitors welcome!

May 12 (Saturday) MS Walk Communications

This is a Glenwood Canyon morning activity. Check-in 7:30 am. Walk is from 9:30 am to noon. Contact is Gerry at n6huqgerry@msn.com

May 18-20  Dayton Hamfest - Xenia OH

Largest hamfest in the USA; there were 29,000 people there last year!

May 26 (Saturday) SCARC Potluck - Fox Hunt - Antenna Party - FCC Testing

Starts at noon at Pat's (KV0K) new home at 625 Elk Spring Drive in Glenwood Springs. Scroll down to "2017 Happenings" for pictures of last year's event.


Held at Missouri Heights. FCC Testing. Details to follow.

Mountaintop Repeater Site Meeting & Potluck - Anvil Points Solar

July - date to be determined.

Annual Potluck Christmas Party

December 22 - details to follow - family event!

                                OUR BLOG

VISIT OUR BLOG at https://k0rv.wordpress.com  This is a great place to view and to post pictures, photos, articles, videos, whatever! To post content please contact Pete Buckley at SkierInAvon@Yahoo.com

                         2017 HAPPENINGS!

CONTRATULATIONS to the individuals below who passed their Technician test at the November 17 meeting. From the left are Dave Rahn (Tester), Dennis Levin (new Tech), Kevin Dye (new Tech), Bryan Frank and Phil Krichbaum (both Testers).


We had a great turnout for this annual event. Eric Grumling (K0JEG) started us off with an extremely interesting program on drones. He brought three different models for us to examine.

Close up of the drone Eric let us fly.

Several of us wanted the controls!

Then it was time for the foxhunt.

Fox hunt teams looked for the "fox" in Pat's spacious back yard.

Fox Hunt Winners!
1st   Sophia Harwood and Dad Jeremy (KE0HQO) - not pictured
2nd  Frank McKibbon (N0AFO)
3rd  Team Betty Rahn (KD0YDH) and Debbie Buckley (KE0KRM)
4th  Bill Norman (N0MID)
Far Right: Brent Williams (KD0WAK) who did a great job organizing and running the Fox Hunt - THANKS, BRENT!

Our Potluck Summer Party and Fox Hunt was again hosted by Pat & Carol Fitzgerald (KV0K) at their beautiful home complete with many antennas and a gorgeous view.  THANK YOU, PAT & Carol!


In a two day Tech class held March/April and led by Ken Rahn KB0HP, 15 people passed the exam (with several testing again at a future date). This was the largest group ever tested with Ski Country Amateur Radio Club!
KE0MMN Dave Hallenbeck (Clifton)       KE0MMO Christina Mowdy (GJ)
KE0MMP James Williams (GJ)               KE0MMQ Hank Owenby (Clifton)
KE0MMR Andrew Bent (Delta)              KE0MMS Glenn Thompson (Aspen)
KE0MMT Alyson Breuche (New Castle)  KE0MMU Larry Bergen (New Castle)
KE0MMV Kenny Swartz* (New Castle)    KE0MMW Dean Nelson (GJ)
KE0MMX Tom Kearns (GJ)                   KE0MMY Jerimiah Cooper (Parachute)
KE0MMZ  Don Davis (Rifle)                 KE0MNA Bill Cole (Rifle)
KE0MNB John Milligan (Craig)
* Kenny is the first to participate in our Sunday Night Net!

Special thanks to Ken for organizing the class and doing an outstanding teaching job. His co-instructors were Dave Rahn KD0WQC and Jim Legg AD0LI. Others who helped with the class were Betty Rahn KD0YDH, Gerry Hittinger N6HUQ, Brent Williams KD0WAK and Dave Bowers K4FMJ.

Thanks also to Volunteer Examiners (VE) who gave the exam at the conclusion of the class Clark Heckert K3NI, Bob Ludtke K9MWM, Bryan Frank N0THY and Gary Haas AC0UZ.

Pictured in the attachment are : Bryan (N0THY) VE coordinator, Debbie
(KE0KRM) New Tech, Bob (K9MWM) VE, and Clark (K3NI) VE. Debbie is the wife of Pete (N0ECT), and she has applied for a vanity call. Should be approved soon! Say hi to her on the air.

                                        COUNT SINCE MARCH 27, 2016